Pokemon Shorts

EST. 2021 | Fit For All Sizes

    Bright and colorful pokemon shoes for kids

    Back with the bang, we bring you the bright and colorful pokemon shoes for kids by none other than the king Converse. Keeping the spirit alive and making kids go crazy after their favorite character, the pokemon shoe collection is undoubtedly a must-have to level up the style game. Regarding shoes, the most important thing is comfort as no one likes shoe bites. These pokemon shoes are the finest footwear that lets you enjoy your walk and run while giving you a bright and trendy look. All know the popularity and appeal of these characters; six Pokemon in ten different designs is a hit on the sneakers line-up. Converse aims to launch this pokemon collection for both children and adults. Keeping it real, they have placed all the characters in their natural color, like Pickachu in yellow, Eevee in brown, Mew in black, and Piplup in baby blue. For most, Mew is a hit with the black. Children who are pokemon fans and wish to have their dearest character along can easily purchase their favorite pair of shoes from our collection.

    Find the complete Pokemon shoes product range

    We know how important it is to look fabulous while being comfortable. Pokemon shoe products are for sale on https://thepkgclothing.com. All the shoes are unique and different from the others in the collection. This collection was created in collaboration with Pokemon, and some beautiful shoe designs were launched for kids and adults. The collection is available on our website, where you can find these six awesome designs; three of them have Pickachu, and the rest have Eevee, Mew, and Piplup. These smart and trendy shoes have a Velcro strap and lace on the top, providing a firm grip. The hard soles keep it tough outside while cozy and soft inside. Each pair has a new logo like All-Star, Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball, according to the color or the shoe. Take your best outfit and match your favorite footwear to add more style to your look. Available in different colors, sizes, and styles, this pokemon shoe collection is something you would not want to miss. All these pairs of shoes are affordably priced, so you or your children can pick their favorite pair. 

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